Android 9 Pie: Final Version of Android

The next and final version of Android is finally here for all the pixel phones. It is much smarter, faster and efficient than all the previous versions. Plus, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence that makes it more adaptable to use is really a cherry on the cake.

Yes, Android 9 Pie learns your usage pattern of mobile and keeps track of your preferences to give you the results as you go.  A ton of interesting and fresh features are appended to make it an all-embracing package for latest AI Smartphone.

Gesture Navigation

Android 9 Pie has to take the gesture navigation to a whole new level by making it more simplified. The usage of gesture navigation is simplified by cutting down the extra buttons and limiting the navigation to only one back button. It let you select apps by just sliding left or right.

Adaptive Battery

Adaptive Battery is basically a more intelligent battery that saves your phone battery by understanding you usage behavior of the phone. Apps that you use less or actually never use are getting stopped by turning off its background processing. So, consequently, the battery is saved for a longer period of time.

App Action

App action focuses on what you are currently doing and predicts your next choice in mobile. By correctly predicting your next choice, it eases your task by display up or opening up your next choice. For example, when you connect your headphones then app action feature will automatically display the music list.

Adaptive Brightness

Even the brightness system in Android 9 Pie is made with artificial intelligence. The adaptive brightness changes the brightness settings itself. Users need not worry about brightness settings. It learns with its artificial intelligence how much brightness you need during what time and function accordingly.

App Timer

App Timer is a great feature to restrict you from excessive use of any app. With app timer, you can set the daily limit on any app. The app will go grey when it reaches the time limit.

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