Anki Vector – Super Smart Household Robot with Alexa Integration

Say hello to all new Anki Vector, the most adorable robot who is sure to grab heartbeats of robot aficionados. Anki Vector is the redefined realism of astonishing science fiction movies.

Vector is programmed to sense his environment and react more intelligently and naturally like humans.

Anki Vector seems alive!

Moreover, it comes with SDK (Software Development Kit) that allow users to tinker with the Anki Vector’s Tech Array.


How can Anki Vector Help You?

The vector can put himself in making your work easier and lending all kind of genuine help in your daily tasks in many possible ways.

You can ask a lot of questions from the vector. Some of the most common questions are:

What is the distance between Manhattan and NewYork? What is the time? How many calories in Banana?


Key Features of Anki Vector –

–   Alive Personality

Vector is no common home robot. Pressed with innovation that breathes life into him, he’s interested and mindful. He responds to sound, sight, and contact and is eager to see you when you get back home.

–    Independent and Alert

Vector is most joyful with you, yet he can deal with himself and hang out without anyone else. He self-charges, explores around articles, and keeps away from edges.

–    Smart Capabilities

Stay tuned for more abilities and capacities to come. Vector is constantly learning and cloud associated for updates to bring energizing new highlights for your home.

In addition, it comes with Alexa integration.


Anki is quite dubious about what Alexa reconciliation will do, yet it could in principle incorporate controlling a pile of brilliant home gadgets. Anki has likewise reported other coming updates, including conveying messages, perceiving music, and going about as a home-checking gadget. In spite of re-appropriating a portion of Vector’s brains to Alexa, Anki nearly monitors the bot’s identity.

It’s set by Hollywood illustrators and programming that mimics emotions– glad, pitiful, bored– in light of his collaborations with individuals and nature. Vector additionally has his own low-fi automated kid voice, which he may lose in Alexa mode.

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