Chrome Extensions that you must Use for Increasing Productivity

Chrome is a remarkable browser and its worth manifolds with the appendage of useful extensions. Chrome extensions tot up the already swift and clean working of Google Chrome.


Check out some of the highly useful Chrome Extensions:

1)    Last Pass

Last Pass is basically a password manager tool that remembers your logins and passwords. All you need to do is give the Last Pass all your login ID and password details and it will remember all of them. Next time, you won’t need to put your Ids and passwords manually as the Last Pass will remember it all.

2)    Momentum

Momentum is a great app to manage your daily tasks in the most elegant way. Apart from managing your tasks, it also beautifies your chrome screen with a pleasing interface.

3)    Grammarly

Skip all those proof-reading troubles and save your precious time with Grammarly. It checks your grammar, sentence structure and corrects all errors for you.

4)    Readism

What amount of time do you squander regular perusing good for nothing articles? Here is another vital inquiry how long do you squander regular overreading articles? On the off chance that you have ever felt that you are not a proficient peruser, here is the ideal Chrome Extension for you. This Chrome Extension will assess how much time it will take to peruse a Web-Page. When you get that estimation, you will know whether you are overreading something.

5)    FoxClocks

Get a completely adaptable world check in your program’s status bar. FoxClocks is a basic thought, splendidly executed. It demonstrates to you the time diverse nations at the base of your program, sparing you the issue of gazing a similar data upward on Google. That is it.


FoxClocks assesses sunshine sparing occasions, so you can be certain you’re not going to miss a vital gathering or due date by 60 minutes, and you can see your preferred time in a configuration.

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