Know the Difference between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

The fortitude of coding has lifted the technological world to the new heights while opening the gateways fathomless possibilities.

AI has hit the world as the catalyst for future technology and so is machine learning and deep learning without leaving any space for caterwaul. But all these terms are not the same as contrary to most of the beliefs of the masses.

But yes, of course, all of them share an interconnected relationship between them that leads to the seismic shift in technology.


I’ll begin with Artificial Intelligence.

AI has now finally jumped out of that long lab simmering progression and heralded as an impulse of future.

AI is a technological arena of developing machines which think like us and work like us with all the cognitive capabilities of human sentience.

AI contains those applications that run on pre-defined input such as speech recognition, predictive algorithms and image recognition systems.

AI basically cannot learn by themselves, everything runs on beforehand programming concepts.


Now let’s jump to the next level, Machine Learning.

Machine Learning works on the learning capabilities of machines like humans. Rather than churning the hand-coding software process, it satiates machines with data and algorithms that enable them to learn with the situations. Machine learning is a broad AI that can do mind-bending errands.


The best example of Machine Learning is Google Alpha Go is the beat world champion Lee Sedol at the game of Go.


The final subset of AI is Deep Learning.

Deep Learning is based on deep neural networks as its functionality is inspired by the biological structure of the brain. Driverless cars are the best application of deep learning that is on the horizon of becoming reality.


Wrapping up

With all these three power cubes, the world is now ready to distil down that long-imagined science fiction realm into reality.

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