MIRROR is now your Brand New Personal Trainer

MIRROR, the fitness technology company has added a dash of fitness soul to that seemingly plain and lucid mirror world. We have now officially crossed the threshold era where fitness is factually at our fingertips.

MIRROR has changed the way we see power training by revolutionizing the long-lasting pattern of how we break the sweat.

An interconnected environment with an upscale level of challenges to overcome, all designed to aid the fitness aficionados in their quest of thrilling hustle for their muscle.

With MIRROR you can commute that daredevil exercise that activates like a trigger and stimulates a cycle that would go longer than you think.


What MIRROR can do?

Mirror seems a ruffled sleek reflective surface until you switch it on and it instantly turns into a tech device from future.

A face-to-face personal trainer like an influential entity will materialize into the virtual world of the MIRROR. This tech device will test your mettle in the epic fitness training. This personal trainer is completely trained into cardio, yoga, Pilates, boxing and stretch – all of which can be altered according to need.


MIRROR Goes Easy on your Pocket

MIRROR is not a very high-priced device. You can make it stand out on your favorite wall at just $1500 dollar. Further, it is paired with a monthly subscription that let users browse fitness classes and follow other MIRROR users.

On the Ending Note

MIRROR is a tech-innovation that smartly uncovered the fresh threads of unimaginable fitness system. It doesn’t take much space and offers a complete friendly gym-like experience at your personal breathing legroom.

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