Mui: Interactive Wooden Tech Panel for Smart Home

Say goodbye to those old OLED screens as the nature is making its way to the tech world. Mui is integrating the perfect combination of nature and technology in our smart homes.


What is Mui?

Mui is an interactive wood panel that acts as a smart home controller. This internet-connected wooden panel gets activated with the swipe of your fingers across its wooden surface.

Mui is a thoughtful step in the tech-industry to bridge the gap between technology and nature. In accordance with peaceful smart homes, mui is designed to eliminate the noise of technology and making homes more close to nature.


What you can do with mui?

With mui you can check news and weather, adjust light and temperature, send text, and play music and many more. It also connects with other devices in the home like thermostats. When work is done, mui silently go back to sleep like a cute device elegantly mingled with a touch of nature.


Mui Structure

Accessible in either sycamore (light) or cherry (dim), Mui resembles a thin and upscale wood board until the point when you swipe its touch-delicate surface, which at that point shines to show data, for example, time, date and temperature. Out of the container, you can utilize it as a wake-up timer, clock, voice message per user, and message show.

Mui is equipped with an inside speaker and sensors for contact, vicinity, and CO2. It utilizes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to interface with the web and in addition different gadgets like Android cell phones.

You can utilize Mui to control other keen home gadgets, for example, lights, and indoor regulators, Google Calendar, and Sonos music players. Mui’s highlights can be redone utilizing IFTTT.

On the Ending Note

Mui is a great relaxation to our senses as it brings nature close to our home. In addition, its design is sleek and modern that adds oodles of elegances to your home.

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