Record Everything in the Blink of Eye with Smart Lens

Capturing every moment of your life with crystal clear clarity is the most mesmerizing idea of flight of fantasy.

But buckle up your dreamy sense now because it is not a fantasize dream anymore.

Yes, get ready to bloom your imagination under your feet. Swarm up every second of your life with the blink of your eye.

All those far-flung sci-fi imaginations are now multiplying into the drops of realism.

Every second can be now crystal tracked without leaving any scratch in your time with Sony’s upcoming eye lenses.


How do you record with the lens?

All the power is rolling in the wink of your eye. Yes, capturing every moment of your life in wink really gives those sleepy wits a tangle of an amusing twist.

The lens works with every moment of your eyes and powered with sensors that control activate and deactivate lens with voluntary blink while ignoring involuntary blinks.

The lens sensors are really smart as they can learn your blinking pattern and act according to your necessity.

So, it’s time to muscle your way in the game of a more secure life where you can record the proof of everything.


Lens Engineering

The lens engineering works on the concept of piezoelectric sensors. These sensors are engineered to convert mechanical energy of your eyes into electrical energy. This avant-grade concept has patented by Sony and many other tech-giants are scrambling to develop it.


Potential Drawback

This biggest potential drawback of this technology is hacking. You can imagine if the lens gets hacked then what havoc they can bring in your daily-life functionality.


On the Ending Note

No doubt a fascinating concept but you have to wait for a year to get it on your eyes. When you will get a camera in your eyes, you will be free from every fear.

Get ready to start brimming life in every tick of time!

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